Electrical works

Offer High-Quality Electrical Services
With a highly qualified team of technicians who have received professional training and Supervisors, we are able to provide answers to even the most complicated of challenges with repairing electrical and electronic equipment in Oman. Knowing the significance of maintaining and fixing electrical and electrical products, we have a number of service bays with the newest tools. helping with the maintenance of many kinds of electrical and electronic devices with a wealth of experience in providing repair services, we perform everything functions with simplicity and professionalism.
Dhofar facilities management is the business you can put your trust in if you're looking for one that can provide dependable electrical and electronics fixing in Oman. Photocopiers, fax machines, computers, printers, laptops, telephones, and all other electronic devices used in homes and offices are repaired and cleaned by us. These services can be provided as one-time projects or ongoing annual maintenance contracts depending on the clients convenience and needs. We only make use of environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning products.